How to avoid being a ‘tweedleaf’ farmer

A new generation of ‘tweedle farmers’ have been coming to the UK for decades, with many hoping to replicate the success of the traditional dairy farms.But the idea of a traditional dairy farm is often fraught with problems.Read more: In 2015, there were more than 400 dairy farms operating in England and Wales, and theyRead More

How to make a ‘tweedle farm’ that won’t go under in 2020

The farm could be an annual summertime project for many people, but if it doesn’t, you can make your own. The idea of turning your backyard into a vegetable patch isn’t new, and the growing of some varieties has attracted attention in recent years.But there are some basic rules that every aspiring vegetable gardener should know.1.TheRead More

Which states will be most affected by the closure of a coal mine?

The closure of one of America’s biggest coal mines has shut down a family’s entire farming operation.The coal company, West Virginia’s West Virginia Coal, said Friday that it would suspend operations at its Mine No. 5 mine in the town of Bemidji, about 150 miles north of Pittsburgh.The company is owned by billionaire coal magnateRead More

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