How to keep a local farm safe: Boone Farms

The Boone Farms winery in central Maine was shut down after it became infected with a strain of bacteria that has since been linked to more than 1,200 illnesses in the state.The company said on Monday that the infection was traced to a facility on the property where the wine was made.The winery’s winery directorRead More

‘Phat’ sneakers for men that will go viral

Shoes are a big deal for any brand, and with shoes becoming more fashionable every day, so are the brand’s shoes.But with so many shoes to choose from, where to buy the most stylish shoes?And what are the best sneakers for a specific style?With the release of shoes and shoes at a glance, we canRead More

How to get more bitcoins for the farmers

The bitcoin price is going up.The price is getting better.Bitcoin, the virtual currency that allows people to buy goods and services online, has been trending upwards for months, and in some cases it’s risen nearly threefold.That’s a great thing.It means that if you have a small business that doesn’t have a huge payroll, or youRead More

How to get rid of your spider farm

Posted October 13, 2018 10:25:26 The world of spiders has been transformed by a new breed of breeders who are taking the hobby to a new level of complexity.It’s been a good year for spider farms, and they’re taking some new technologies to the next level, too.Spiders are now capable of surviving in an environmentRead More

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