More farmers to be affected by drought, wildfire, ashland

More than 100 farmers are expected to lose their lands in Ashland, Virginia, after state authorities shut down the state’s first-ever public forest and other lands for restoration after the death of a worker.The state’s Office of Farm and Rural Affairs has canceled all farm operations and closed about two dozen grazing, hay and fruitRead More

How to buy and sell organic food

The term “organic” is now almost synonymous with the word “organic”.For the first time in the country, farmers are looking at organic as the path to success.But how to get the right products?The most important question, farmers say, is whether a product meets the requirements of the organic label.And in this regard, the best organicRead More

What happens when you get rid of an old farm?

What happens to an old dairy farm?That’s what I do every day.And every day, I’m looking to make money.It’s a good life.But it’s not a good business.It used to be a thriving business, but it’s almost gone.It has gone into foreclosure and it has gone bankrupt.I have three calves, two of them are still inRead More

FourFour Two

FourFourtwo is a new game, based on a strategy game called The Banner Saga, where you have to take over the world, build empires, and build the best farmable crops.The game is designed for Windows and Mac, and the trailer features a map of a futuristic world where farmers have been fighting to control it.Here’sRead More

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