How to build an alien ant farm

By Andrew A. Biersack, The Next Week article Farm gate design is the most common and often overlooked part of farm gate construction.The gates themselves are simple, inexpensive, and require minimal effort to install.The design of the gate itself is very simple: A single gate with a fence around it.The gate itself can be placedRead More

Fox Hollow Farm to buy Hickory Farms

Fox Hollow Farms will acquire Hickory Farm, a privately held farm located in the Hickory, N.C., area, said Dan Cate, the company’s chief executive officer.Cate said the farm will continue to operate as an organic farm with a focus on health and sustainability.“The Hickory family is passionate about organic farming and we are excited aboutRead More

What does it take to win a World Cup?

FourFour2 asks: “Do you think the World Cup is the most important thing we’ll ever see?”It is a question we’ve been asking for a decade now, but it has never quite been answered definitively.But a new study says we’re in for some very interesting and interesting answers.The researchers asked people how much money they wouldRead More

How to Get Out of a Job You Hate

Farming is the most fun and exciting career for me.I love it.I’ve done it before.I’m not even going to lie.But I love the people who have it.I’m so grateful for the people I work with.They’re my best friends.They make me feel so special.I miss my wife and kids.They love me.They’ll always be my best friend.IRead More

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