How to avoid being a ‘tweedleaf’ farmer

A new generation of ‘tweedle farmers’ have been coming to the UK for decades, with many hoping to replicate the success of the traditional dairy farms.But the idea of a traditional dairy farm is often fraught with problems.Read more: In 2015, there were more than 400 dairy farms operating in England and Wales, and theyRead More

Farm Credit: Farm Girl Gets $20,000 Farm Credit

A farm credit program in California is paying out more than $20 million to women in farming, including some who have been farming for years, to help them save money.Farm Credit is a joint program of the Farm Bureau, the California Department of Food and Agriculture, the State Farm Bureau and the California Farm Bureau.TheRead More

What do you think of the Farm Bill?

The Farm Bill was introduced to the House of Representatives last month and is expected to be signed into law before the end of the year.However, a lot of House Democrats are concerned about the impact the Farm Bailout will have on small farmers and small businesses. The bill provides a $3.8 billion aid package toRead More

What’s your favourite way to eat sweet brie?

The sweet braid is an ancient Indian dessert that is often used as a fill-in for the Indian meal.This sweet brome is sweetened with honey, milk and cream, but it can also be made in a number of different ways.You can use it as a filling in savoury dishes such as curries and curries inRead More

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