Fox Hollow Farm to buy Hickory Farms

Fox Hollow Farms will acquire Hickory Farm, a privately held farm located in the Hickory, N.C., area, said Dan Cate, the company’s chief executive officer.Cate said the farm will continue to operate as an organic farm with a focus on health and sustainability.“The Hickory family is passionate about organic farming and we are excited aboutRead More

Why we are building a new generation of smart homes

Posted August 16, 2018 05:14:56It’s a lot of work.We have to figure out how to build and deploy a system that can control all of the lights in a house.That’s a big challenge.We’re building a suite of sensors that we will be able to control remotely through Bluetooth and WiFi.But we’re also building a bunchRead More

How to make a ‘tweedle farm’ that won’t go under in 2020

The farm could be an annual summertime project for many people, but if it doesn’t, you can make your own. The idea of turning your backyard into a vegetable patch isn’t new, and the growing of some varieties has attracted attention in recent years.But there are some basic rules that every aspiring vegetable gardener should know.1.TheRead More

What does it take to win a World Cup?

FourFour2 asks: “Do you think the World Cup is the most important thing we’ll ever see?”It is a question we’ve been asking for a decade now, but it has never quite been answered definitively.But a new study says we’re in for some very interesting and interesting answers.The researchers asked people how much money they wouldRead More

How to get into farming and become a farm owner in South Dakota

Posted by IGN on September 23, 2018 08:23:48 George Walker, the South Dakota farmer who invented the corn stalks and the corn syrup that makes his company so famous, died on Thursday, according to his daughter, Erin Walker.Walker was 84.He was found in his home, a former grain mill in Lander, South Dakota, by his daughterRead More

Which farm can get your goat?

The best farm in Australia for goats is actually an old one.Alstede Farms is based in Albury and has been operating in Altona since 1878.It’s not just for goats, its a great place for sheep and sheepdogs too.“It’s got a really good range of goats,” Mr Vella said.Mr Vella also has a herd of cattleRead More

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