Blackberry Farms to open new location in Tennessee

Blackberry Farm in Tennessee is set to open a new location next year.The farm will be the third location for the small poultry and fruit production business, which has about 25 employees.The other two locations are in St. Louis and Nashville.“This is a tremendous opportunity for Blackberry,” said Blackberry CEO, Kevin Haney.“We’re excited to bringRead More

The best blueberry farm in California

Farm Fresh has grown its blueberries in California for more than 30 years.But it recently found itself on the defensive after a new report said it had been the subject of a “bounty” system, which makes it difficult for farmers to compete for market share.The Farm Fresh logo is seen in front of a farmRead More

How to grow strawberries on your own farm

There’s a lot you can do on your farm with your own hands.You can buy strawberries from local nurseries or make your own.You don’t have to rely on large commercial farms.And you can grow your own strawberries without damaging the environment.But there’s also a lot that can go wrong.I’ve put together a few tips toRead More

The bank says it is ‘not an owner of the farms’

A leading Australian bank says that it does not own the farms that produce the dairy products it sells to farmers.The ABC has obtained documents showing that Australia’s largest supermarket chain, Aldi, is listed as the only owner of more than 70% of the land used by its three major Australian farms.However, a spokesman forRead More

How to make a worm farm

I’ve been trying to build a worm garden for a year now, and while I can definitely get by with a small one in my backyard, I have been running into issues with the amount of water and electricity required to maintain a well-oiled operation.This has been an issue for me for a long time,Read More

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