Why we need an iPhone for fleet farms

By Andrew W. Kelly / Time Inc.Read moreApple has been working on a fleet farm application for iOS, and now it has announced that it has signed an agreement with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to provide an API to the project.The agreement with NSLE has two important points: first, it makes it easier forRead More

How to get to the next game on your phone

Farming is a tough business, but with mobile devices like the Apple Watch, you can take your phone out for a spin without leaving your farm.Here’s how.The Wall Street Times has a roundup of some of the best Apple Watch apps for farmers.In the meantime, we’re taking a look at what’s new in iOS 10.1,Read More

Which farms produce the most industrial hemp?

By KATIE LINDSEY, APFarmers have been growing industrial hemp in Washington, Colorado and Colorado, California and California, Utah and Oregon.In a new report from the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, the institute’s research team found that three major hemp producers in the U.S. — CropLife, a Florida-based company that produces industrial hemp and HempRead More

FourFour Two

FourFourtwo is a new game, based on a strategy game called The Banner Saga, where you have to take over the world, build empires, and build the best farmable crops.The game is designed for Windows and Mac, and the trailer features a map of a futuristic world where farmers have been fighting to control it.Here’sRead More

Which Bunnies are the most endangered in North America?

Bunnys are one of the most important native plants on North America.Bunnily seeds are prized for their fruit, and the seeds can be sold to farmers and markets.But their plight is far from over. Scientists are working to save some species and are planning to use the seeds to grow crops like coffee and other sweeteners. SomeRead More

What’s your favourite way to eat sweet brie?

The sweet braid is an ancient Indian dessert that is often used as a fill-in for the Indian meal.This sweet brome is sweetened with honey, milk and cream, but it can also be made in a number of different ways.You can use it as a filling in savoury dishes such as curries and curries inRead More

How Minecraft xp farms can help you find and cultivate more crops

The game’s world is populated by various kinds of crops.The crops grow slowly and can only be harvested once every 10 minutes, meaning you’ll need to constantly gather as much of them as possible in order to feed your growing family.The game offers players a variety of different methods of gathering these crops.For example, youRead More

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