How to keep a local farm safe: Boone Farms

The Boone Farms winery in central Maine was shut down after it became infected with a strain of bacteria that has since been linked to more than 1,200 illnesses in the state.

The company said on Monday that the infection was traced to a facility on the property where the wine was made.

The winery’s winery director said on Twitter that he had been advised that it could take two weeks to fully treat the illness.

Boone Farms spokeswoman Rebecca Leighton said the company was cooperating with authorities in their investigation.

A spokesman for the Maine Department of Health said on Tuesday that the agency was not aware of any cases of foodborne illness in Maine since July, but that it was “looking into the potential for additional illnesses to occur.”

The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services said that the county where the winery was located is under quarantine.

The Maine Department Of Health said in a statement that the facility is in the process of being disinfected, and that the wineries will continue to produce their wine under their original license.

The county where Boone Farms was located in Maine.

The state Department of Environmental Protection said on its website that it has been notified of several outbreaks of food-borne illness, including those at farms in New York and California.

A CDC spokeswoman said the agency is not aware that there has been a reported outbreak of the new coronavirus.

Boone farms in western Maine were the first wineries in Maine to shut down due to the outbreak, according to a statement.

The shuttering of the Boone Farms facility is “part of a coordinated effort by local governments, food safety officials, and public health officials to ensure that foodborne disease outbreaks are contained and prevent new outbreaks,” the statement said.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in late July that there have been 6,817 cases of coronaviruses worldwide since the pandemic began in late 2007.

The agency has recorded more than 2,700 confirmed and probable cases of the virus, according the most recent figures.

The latest count shows the number of confirmed cases to date is at 1,094, which is still well below the 2,869 that were reported in the week ending on Monday.

The number of deaths is at 16, the agency said.

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