When you want to make an old school, old school farm clip art, from the Midwest to the Pacific, in 2016

The Iowa farm bureau, the country’s oldest, has a special place in my heart.

It’s been my home for 40 years, since I moved to Iowa in 1980.

But when I moved back to the Midwest last year, it was for the first time since my first year of college.

I’ve been a farm bureau since 1980, and for 40 of those years, I’ve spent most of my time with my family on the farm.

But in 2016, I had a few requests for old farm footage from my Iowa friends.

When we did, it all came together.

The first one was the old Iowa farm trailer.

The second was a video from a long-ago farm that was shot in the same year.

The third was an old grain elevator video from an old, small farm.

And I’ve also shot many old videos from old farms and grain elevators.

I knew I wanted to do something with the Iowa farm footage, so I turned to the best old video camera maker in the world, the folks at Iowa Video.

It was time to create the Iowa Farm Bureau clip art.

When I received my first request for an old farm trailer, I was really excited.

But I had never worked with Iowa Video, so the first few videos I did were all just some basic footage of the farm I worked on, shot on old video cameras, and uploaded to YouTube.

Then one day, after getting a bunch of requests for some of the older farm videos, I started making my own, all with the grain elevator footage.

That’s when I got a call from a friend from Michigan, who happened to be a local Iowa farm and grain elevator guy.

He had some old grain footage that he wanted to use as an inspiration for a new video.

So, when I told him I wanted old farm video, he was like, “Well, how do I get the grain footage?”

I think we both kind of laughed at the idea, and we agreed that if we could get it, we could do a really great video.

We knew it would take time and effort, so we just kept on working.

We’re proud to share this footage with you today, but it all started with one little farm video that I shot in my childhood.

My mom was a farmer, so my dad would drive her back to Iowa from Michigan and back again, every summer.

And one day while my mom was in town, I got an email from my dad, “Hey, do you want this grain elevator clip art?”

It was so cute.

He was a little upset, because my mom didn’t have much money to buy grain, and I was a kid.

So we talked about it and decided we could put together some grain elevator clips, so that we could sell them to kids and make money for the family.

But the best part was that my dad could also make these videos on a phone, so it was actually more fun than buying grain.

So he did a lot of the grain elevator footage, and now, 40 years later, he still has the video, and he’s still making it.

But that video is the beginning.

That first grain elevator shot in Iowa was made by me, my brother and a friend in our family’s backyard.

It wasn’t my first grain footage, either.

In fact, it’s a lot older than I had planned.

It comes from a very long time ago.

In the late 1960s, my dad’s grandfather built a small house on a piece of property.

It had a small porch, and the only way in and out of the house was by a large iron gate.

It also had a barn with a barn gate and a fence that he put up for us to drive in and leave.

He would bring us back to his farm and take us back into the house.

He taught me to drive and then to play around with our car, and then I’d drive back and teach my brother how to drive.

Then we would play around and go to the barn, and his wife would bring them back to their farm.

He’d take them out and have them play around.

He made a lot more of them over the years, and they were all in the back yard of their house.

I got to be the only one in the family to see them.

We’d play around, then go back inside and he’d tell us how many days it was since he had gone to bed.

It really was just a dream come true.

I’m not sure if he really realized how much it meant to have that little house, but the memories still stick with me.

One day, we decided to go to a local farmer’s market and sell some of these old grain videos.

They were all sold, so when we went back to my dad to tell him, he told me, “I know you want these videos.”

He bought all of them

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