When it comes to farm animals, Maggie’s Farm is your next-door neighbour

By James Stewart Maggie is the head dairy farmer of Maggie Farms in Northumberland.

He is also the man behind the big farm, Big Farm, which is now the world’s largest dairy farm.

Maggie, who also runs a farm and dairy shop, has been working on his farm since it opened in the early 2000s, and has worked in farming for almost 20 years.

I bought Maggie farms land from him for £200,000 in 2007.

He was a very hard worker, he was very passionate, and very determined to get his farm up and running, he told Business Insider.

The dairy farm has three main dairy farms, all located in Northumbria, and one in the Midlands.

Maggie is now trying to raise the £200m needed to get the dairy up and operational, with help from private equity firm HBL Capital.

To help him, we’ve launched a campaign, ‘Big Farm: Help us grow our brand’, to get Maggie farmers support to help him.

With a range of dairy products, we’re looking to grow our portfolio of dairy brands to include milk, cheese, beef and eggs.

We’ve got to make sure that we’re not losing the business to competitors.

There are also dairy products in our pipeline, including milk and cream products, cheese and whey products, and the likes of cream cheese and milk-based products.

We’re also trying to develop a range for cheese products and we’re also looking at cheese, butter and margarine.

If we can do that, I think we’re going to be able to compete in the market with the big dairy farmers in the UK.

What Maggie doesn’t have is money to buy the land on which his dairy farm is located.

Maggeys farm was established in 1987.

This land is located on the site of a former dairy factory, and it’s a very challenging place to start a dairy farm, according to Maggie.

That’s where Maggie wants to start, to create a new dairy farm with a small herd.

At the time I bought Maggey farms land, I thought it was going to just be a big farm.

I was very impressed by the work he did with his farm, and I thought he would do a really good job.

He’s done a very good job with his dairy, and he’s also worked on some dairy products for a few years.

Maggiys dairy was purchased by HBL in 2011, and a £200million investment was made.

So far, Maggiars farm has generated around £3.6 million in sales and £5 million in revenue, with Maggie saying he’s had no major issues with suppliers, although he did have one supplier for his milk which did not respond to his repeated emails.

After buying Maggies farm, I started thinking about what I could do to create some sort of farm business for myself.

I’m not the biggest fan of buying farmland from people who are farmers, but the only way I could get the farm up is to buy it for myself and have it run my business.

Maggy says he does have a good relationship with the supplier, who has been a very reliable dairyman and helped him grow his dairy.

My hope is that we can have some success with that, but it will take time.

All that has happened is Maggie has made a lot of money, and is building a dairy business with his own money, but he doesn’t expect to be running a business anytime soon.

As part of the campaign, we have also set up a website called BigFarm.co.uk, which aims to encourage the public to get involved and to buy Maggi’s farm.

Anyone can take part by simply joining the campaign and we can get a range to buy their farm, which would include the Maggi farms dairy products and milk.

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