‘We are just living our lives’: Farm sink in Briermere ‘suffers a lot’

Briermead’s farmer sink, a concrete structure with a concrete bottom, has been submerged in a landfill.

“We are only living our days.

We are just sitting there, drinking water and watching TV,” said Sankar Briermeier, who has run the farm for seven years.

Briermeyer’s son and son-in-law are still working in the field, while his grandson is also in the process of taking a job as a cook.

“It’s like a prison for us.

There is nothing to do but to sit there and watch,” said Briermets grandson, Praveen Kumar.”

It has become a daily burden.

When I went to school last year, I had to sit with my mother in the sink.

We have to watch the news,” said Praveens son, Jaitendran Kumar.

“The food is the worst.

It is hard to eat.”

Farm sink, Briermie, Uttar Pradesh: A concrete structure built with a sink.

Photo: Sankars Briermerie, who is also the farm sink’s sole owner, has seen his land and his livelihood go from strength to strength.

“This is not the first time we have had this kind of sink.

In the last two years, we have been losing crops.

The sink has become our life source,” he said.

He has also built an air-conditioned shed for the sink to cool down and wash the land.

“In the last few years, the farmer sink has started to sink.

This is the first one we have built,” said Kumar.

Farm sink is an example of the problems facing the farmers in the state.

“I am not sure how we are going to sustain our families here,” said Virendra Yadav, a farmer.

“Many farmers in our area have lost their land to the state government.”

The sink is the only permanent structure in the area.

The farm sink was constructed in the early 1970s and was then used as a place for the cattle to graze.

“Even today, the cattle graze in the soil, which means that the soil is not being cleaned,” said the farmer, who asked not to be named.

Farm sinks are also the source of many complaints against the government.

The state government said that it is taking the matter very seriously and is currently looking into the issue.

“Farm sinks have been constructed in many places across the state and are also a source of pollution.

We will soon take a thorough look into the matter and take action,” said Manoj Kumar, state secretary, Maharashtra.

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