Malibu Farms Is Killing Its Farmers

It’s a testament to the value of a farm, and the dedication of its owners to the land and its people, that it still manages to be a major producer of almonds, pistachios and cherries.

And it’s one of the biggest, most sustainable farms in California.

But Malibu Ranch has a problem.

Its almonds are overharvested, and they are dying off, according to a report released last month by the Center for Food Safety, a non-profit that advocates against overharvests.

The problem is that almond growers have been struggling for years to stay competitive in the high-end industry.

In California, as elsewhere, the average almond farmer spends $1,600 per acre to grow his crop.

That means that, on average, a farmer must harvest an average of about 10 percent of his crop to earn enough to make ends meet.

In fact, almond growers in California have a median harvest of just 10 percent, the report found.

And because the industry has been growing at a rapid pace, the almond growers are facing a shortage of workers, according the report.

There are now more than 500,000 almonds in California, which means the industry is facing a potential shortage of 1.8 million workers.

As a result, Malibu has been increasingly turning to cheaper and cheaper labor, including undocumented immigrants, and turning to people with criminal records.

The problem, according a report from the California Farm Bureau, a farm advocacy group, is that the people with the highest criminal records have the least work experience and the least education.

The farm is one of four farms that have been cited in recent months for potentially violating federal safety standards.

According to the Center’s report, the three farms in question are:One farm is in Fresno, one is in the Central Valley, and one is located in the Mojave Desert.

All of the farms cited are in the desert.

The farms have been inspected three times since 2013, according, according TOOCA, the farm safety advocacy group.

According the farm, they were cited for “federal safety standards that were not met in the past” because of the lack of human resource planning and training.

The farms that are in California are owned by a couple of local companies, including the company that owns the ranch.

But because the farms are located in California and are not owned by any farm operations, it is impossible to know whether the companies are actually doing the right thing.

The report also found that the farms have had no plans to hire additional workers, or to pay more for them.

In the past, the farms had promised to hire more workers, but the farms were never able to find enough workers to fill the jobs that were created, according ToOCA.

So what’s going on?

What are the problems that the Malibu farms are facing?

It’s not just the over-harvesting of almonds.

According ToOca, the growers are also facing other problems.

The report found that in 2017, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection said that there were approximately 1,800 “high risk” almonds that needed to be removed from the ground and planted again, and that in the case of a high risk crop, the harvest would need to be postponed to at least mid-November.

The other problems are that the farmers are not using the best methods to remove the almonds from the land.

According to the report, many of the almond farms are using an invasive pest called the “red clover.”

In the California desert, it can spread quickly and cause severe damage.

When it enters a farm orchard, it sucks up the pollen from the leaves and the nuts, according The Farm Bureau.

The almond growers who own the farms told the Center that they are not planting clover again because they are concerned that it will spread.

They said they are worried that it is being sprayed by local and state officials who want to clear almond fields of clover.

This report comes after an alarming story about a farm in Northern California that was recently cited for overharrowing and under-farming.

According of a report by the California Environmental Protection Agency, the farmers of the farm that was cited for a large over-feral almond harvest are being paid less than $50 a day for harvesting the crop.

The farm’s owner was also cited for using pesticides and overfishing in an attempt to reduce the amount of almonds harvested.

In California, the overharves are not uncommon.

In 2017, ToO CA said, there were 434 “high-risk” farms that were cited with violations.

According TOO CA, there are about 2.4 million acres of almonds in the state.

The Malibu ranch is located about two hours north of Fresno, in a small farming community called Calamity Valley.

It is one reason that the farm is such a popular spot for almonds.

It has a population of just 652 people, according Calamities Valley Mayor Kevin Hall.

It’s about 10

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