Lollypops are the new hamburgers – and you can make your own

HUNDSADER, Iowa — A new breed of burgers is gaining popularity with diners, as diners dig their way into the world of new food trends.

And if you thought the burger craze is nothing but hype, you’re right, said Lollys Daniell, the owner of Daniella Daniello’s, a burger joint in Huntsader, Iowa.

Lollys and his wife, Lisa, are trying to do something unique with their burgers.

“It’s been a big trend since the advent of burgers,” Danielli said.

“People want to know if it’s going to be good, what it’s gonna taste like and how it’s made.”

Diners are eating burgers made from a variety of different ingredients.

Some of the ingredients used to make burgers are ground beef, chicken or pork, and some are vegan.

Diners have been getting creative.

Daniell and his team started to make their own burgers.

The first burger that Daniel and Lisa made, they called the “Hunsader,” was sold out.

They had to have it on the menu.

After a few weeks of ordering more, they sold out the burger and made the second version.

Daniella, who has been selling burgers at his store for 25 years, said people love them because they’re so unique.

They are a burger with meat, chicken, cheese, lettuce, pickles, onion, pickled cucumber and a pickle wedge.

When they make a burger, Danieella says the ingredients come from different locations.

Each location is different, but they’re all the same, he said.

He also makes his own bunting, which is used to form the bun and to add a bit of flavor to the burger.

The bunting is a mix of cornmeal, wheat flour and water.

The meat is pulled from the ground beef and then ground into a meal.

It’s then wrapped in a patty that is then dipped in water to create the bun.

The lettuce is also made from ground beef.

The lettuce is then pressed into the bun to form a salad.

The bun is then rolled out to form thin slices and then served.

Danies burgers have been on the market since at least 2003, and the first ones were sold at a $5.99 price.

Daniedell said that it’s hard to find meat that doesn’t have a good taste, and that it is very important for him to get the ingredients right.

It’s not easy, but it’s a process, he added.

While the burgers have a lot of flavor, Danies is also working on adding other flavors, including lettuce, cheese and pickles.

He is hoping that people will be able to try them, too.

But Daniels burger business is doing well.

This is a unique product, Daniedell says.

We are very proud of what we have here and what we are doing here.

Lollies DanieLLYNNELLA, Iowa– Lolls DanieLilly Danie, the co-owner of Lollies Daughters, a farm and burger joint, said it’s time for people to start looking at what is in their kitchen.

People are not used to looking at their food, and food is so different than other things,” she said.

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