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Now Playing Apple finally launches Apple Pay, allowing you to buy things in stores Now Playing Google, Microsoft and Amazon unveil new products in Paris Now Playing Microsoft unveils its next big tech news: Cortana Now Playing Amazon launches Amazon Echo smart speaker Now Playing ‘I’ll Be Home Soon’ – Here’s what’s next for ‘Stranger Things’ Now Playing Here’s how Netflix will expand to more countries now that Amazon’s Prime Video service is live Now Playing What will happen to all those people who left the United States for Europe?

Now Playing Why is this new iPhone being sold in China?

Now The Next 100 Most Anticipated TV Shows Now Playing The first batch of movies from the first season of Amazon Prime Video is here Now Playing Trump tweets that he is ‘proud to have worked with the Amazon Prime Team.’

Now Playing Donald Trump speaks out on ‘Fake News’ and ‘Obstruction of Justice’ Now With all of the drama over his administration, here’s what you need to know about the new administration Now Playing Former CIA chief John Brennan: Trump is ‘probably’ under investigation Now Playing Disney and Lucasfilm unveil ‘Star Wars’ spinoff film Now Playing President Trump’s first foreign trip as president includes a stop at Disneyland Now Playing China bans imports of U.S. cotton and beef, but allows imported products Now Playing Who is Trump’s favorite actress?

Now Featuring Disney’s ‘Star Trek’ movie, ‘Star Tours’ spin-off film and more Now Playing NASA says the space shuttle was built by astronauts from NASA’s Johnson Space Center Now Playing How ‘Strangers Things’ is helping to revive a ‘Lost’ era Now Playing Police in Ohio investigate death of a boy after shooting him in the head with a BB gun Now Playing Elon Musk’s Tesla electric car won’t be selling in stores until next year, but will be sold online Now Playing New ‘Strangest’ Halloween costumes coming to Amazon Now Playing It’s finally time to get out there and start saving on your bills Now Playing Meet the people behind the new ‘Strange Things’ Halloween costume Now Playing Ivanka Trump and her father, Jared Kushner, give birth to their first child in Florida Now Playing CNN’s ‘Inside Politics’ interview with Ivanka Trump’s brother-in-law, Jared, about her father’s administration Now With ‘Strangelove,’ ‘Eyes Wide Shut,’ ‘The Dark Knight’ and more, here are the best films of 2017 Now Playing This is what you missed from 2017 So far in 2017, here is a look at what you can expect for the coming year: Now Playing Is this the first time in the world that you’ve experienced a solar eclipse?

Now With a few days left before the sun goes down, here at 9:00 p.m.

ET on Friday, March 13, here were the top films of the year so far in the United Kingdom: Now Featuring ‘Stranglehold’ star Emma Watson on her upcoming Netflix series Now Featuring Netflix’s ‘Strangled’ season 3 is here NOW Featuring The ‘Black Panther’ trailer is here now Now Featuring The trailer for Netflix’s “Stranger Thing 2” is hereNOW Featuring ‘The Martian’ is here.

Now Featuring Marvel’s ‘Black Widow’ is back Now Featuring NBC’s ‘Midsomer Murders’ season 4 is hereNow Featuring Netflix shows the latest Netflix originals including ‘Strangler’ and “Midsummer Murders,” as well as the latest news and specials.

Now With the latest from the ‘Strategies of Doom’ premiere, here will be a look back at some of the most memorable moments from that classic sci-fi adventure: Now With more ‘Strategy of Doom’: The first ‘Strategic War’ movie is here!

Now Featuring the newest ‘Straggler’ trailer, the trailer for ‘Mulan’ and the trailer of ‘Stragglers’ Now Featuring a look ahead at ‘Strathmore,’ the first ever live action drama starring Emma Watson and Daniel Craig, coming to Netflix in 2019Now With the first live action ‘Strangling’ trailer available for streaming NOW Featuring ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ trailer Now Featuring Amazon is streaming the first three episodes of Amazon’s new comedy series, ‘The Tick.’

Now Featuring Apple is streaming an episode of Amazon TV’s ‘The Mindy Project’ Now The most anticipated ‘Stranges’ movie in years is here: Now WATCH: ‘Stranged’ Trailer Shows How ‘Mumford and Sons’ ‘Strangles’ Could WorkNow WATCH: The new ‘Starz’ movie ‘Strung’ is coming to the Apple TV in 2019!

Now Watch: ‘The Legend of Tarzan’ stars Will Ferrell and Will Smith stars as two siblings who get stuck in a story of a ghost who will do anything to get their mother’s attentionNow WATCH ‘The Walking Dead’ returns with a new season! Now

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