How to keep your dog from getting too close to crops

In the United States, farmers are prohibited from allowing their dogs to graze on their crops.

But some farmers do allow dogs on their property.

Here’s how to keep the dog away from your plants.1.

Keep your dog on a leash1.

Wear a collar.

Dogs often get tangled in a rope and are often pulled off the crop by the farmer.2.

Don’t feed your dog in your garden.

Many farmers will feed their dogs in your vegetable garden.3.

Avoid the temptation to feed your pet.

Some people find it distasteful and may not want to feed their dog.4.

Don,t give your dog too much attention.

If you have to, let your dog wander around the garden without you.5.

Avoid having a pet in the garden.

The dogs can be a nuisance.6.

Do not leave your dog alone with other dogs in the house.7.

Do NOT let your dogs run around the backyard without your permission.8.

Do keep your pets inside the house as much as possible.9.

Be sure your dog is safe from other dogs.

The owners of a dog with a rabies vaccination should be sure to give their dog a daily vaccine.10.

Be careful of your pet’s scent.

Dogs may chase other dogs or people.11.

Don’t let your pet wear a mask.

A mask can be worn by a dog for a few days after a person gets sick with the disease.12.

Don’,t leave a dog unattended in a car or on a street.

If your pet gets loose, take it to a shelter.

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