What do you think of the Farm Bill?

The Farm Bill was introduced to the House of Representatives last month and is expected to be signed into law before the end of the year.

However, a lot of House Democrats are concerned about the impact the Farm Bailout will have on small farmers and small businesses. 

The bill provides a $3.8 billion aid package to farmers and agricultural businesses in addition to a $1.8 trillion farm loan guarantee.

However the amount of the loan guarantee is not yet finalized and the Congressional Budget Office has not released a full score on the bill. 

According to Politico, House Democrats are trying to get a score on how the Farm Aid Package will affect the economy and rural communities.

The bill includes several provisions that are seen as a win for the agriculture industry, but also as a significant blow to rural communities, according to the Farm Bureau. 

“The Farm Bailing Out will result in a net loss of approximately 5,000 jobs, including nearly 800 in agriculture,” the organization said in a statement.

“The Bail Out will lead to fewer people earning a living wage and higher food prices for consumers.

These changes will have a significant impact on our rural communities and farmers.”

The bill also includes provisions that would increase farm subsidies to the highest bidder, including a doubling of the subsidy for grain and hay. 

Another provision would increase crop insurance subsidies to farmers. 

Democrats also oppose a provision that would require farmers to pay $1,500 per acre for their grazing permits. 

This is a provision known as the “shoe-in” provision, which states that if a farmer does not comply with this requirement, the subsidy will be waived. 

Some of the provisions also would expand the scope of the Bail-In Program. 

If a farmer doesn’t provide a Bail in for their crops, the Bailing-In program would be expanded to include any farm that has not paid a farmer for three consecutive years. 

A third provision would provide a new federal program that would give federal farmers a tax credit for all agricultural products sold in the U.S.A.  The Bailing out will not benefit all farmers or all farmers alone. 

However, the bill is expected be a major boon for rural communities that will include a $300 million tax credit to small farmers that will benefit about 700,000 small farmers in 2017. 

Many of the rural businesses that have been hit hardest by the Farm Credit will receive the additional $300 in tax credits, the Farm Service Association of America (FSA) said in its statement.

“In 2017, over $100 billion will be returned to rural economies and communities,” the FSA said.

“It’s an investment that will make the United States a leader in agriculture and a farm-first nation, and it will be a boon for America’s small businesses, our farmers and our consumers.” 

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