What a difference a few years make: ‘I’ve got a lot of love for farm’

In the midst of the drought, the farm business in Montana is thriving.

The owners have a strong commitment to the community and their farming community.

In addition to their farm, the owners own a small commercial grocery store and a couple of retail stores.

They also own a barn.

It’s a farm, and that’s the key to their success.

“The community has really embraced us,” says Jeff and Pam Bensalem.

“They want to see our farm thrive.”

So far, their business has not only helped the community but has been a boon for their neighbors.

“We’re just very grateful to be here,” says Pam Bedsalem, whose husband, Jeff, has been the family farm manager for more than 30 years.

“It’s really a blessing.”

For Jeff and his wife, it’s been a lifetime.

When they first arrived in the U.S. in 1977, they were struggling.

“A lot of things were happening in the world and we just didn’t know where we were going,” Jeff Bensam says.

“My wife, she was a waitress at the time, she took me in as a student.”

He started his family farm in 1989.

“I got a big job and I was a full-time farm manager,” he says.

By the time he was ready to sell his business, the drought was on the horizon.

The Bensas worked hard to keep up with the changing seasons.

They had to raise corn, soybeans, pumpkins and squash.

“If you had no water, you couldn’t grow anything,” Pam Bentsalem says.

But that changed when the drought ended.

“Now we have the perfect conditions to grow,” she says.

The couple also raised sheep and chickens, but that’s a small part of their business.

They are still farming the land, but they are happy doing it now.

Jeff Bedsam says the family has been fortunate to grow so many good friends.

“One of our best friends is our wife, our kids and we are just so thankful to have them,” he said.

The farm is not only a family, but also a source of employment.

Pam Bessas says the company has grown to a few hundred employees and a strong brand.

She says her husband and wife are also looking forward to the future.

“For the first time, we’re looking forward.

The future is so bright,” she said.

“As far as farming goes, we are very grateful for what we’ve been able to do, and we’re going to continue to do it.”

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