Farm workers ‘stuck on the job’ after snowstorms hit Alberta

A small business owner says he was stranded in the cold after the province’s second storm hit Alberta.

Jeff Stokes says he got into the truck at about 6 a.m. on Saturday morning to get his farm up and running again after it was closed because of the heavy snowfall.

“It was just horrible.

It’s just unbelievable.

I’m so happy it was all done, because it was a lot of work to get back to normal, but I’m glad I’m able to start my business again,” Stokes said.

The storm dumped about 15 centimetres of snow across Alberta on Sunday, with many areas still under a foot of snow.

It left a trail of mud, dirt and fallen branches across much of the province.

Snow fell for hours in some parts of Calgary, with some roads closed due to the snow.

People had to dig through piles of snow to get to their homes.

In Victoria, some roads reopened after heavy snow and icy conditions that brought heavy traffic, but drivers had to be careful to avoid icy roads.

Some parts of Victoria had to turn south on Highway 9 after a series of heavy rain.

“The roads were absolutely stuck,” Victoria resident Lisa O’Connor said.

“There were two or three lanes in each direction that were blocked.

We were told to wait until the snow melted and we could get on the roads again.”

Stokes and his truck are still stranded, but his family said they’re ready to start a new business.

“We’re going to start our own business.

We’re going ahead and opening our own shop, as soon as we get back home,” Stoke said.

He’s hoping his business can reopen and help ease some of the stress that came with losing his business to the storm.

“This is just part of the life we live, and we’ve got to survive, and I’ve got the money and I’m doing what I can to make it happen,” Stocks said.

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