A farm store in Oregon will be closed after a blueberry crop fails

A blueberry farmer in Oregon said his store, The Blueberry Farm, was closed because the crop failed.

The store has been selling produce from the farm for the past five years.

But the company recently announced that it will stop selling produce, and a new plan to buy the produce has been in the works for weeks.

“They’ve been looking for an alternative supplier for the last couple of weeks, and the best thing for them is that the blueberries were coming from the blueberry field,” said Brandon Lee, the owner of The Blueberries Farm, a local grocery store.

The Blueberries has been operating in the same small rural area of northern Oregon since 2014.

It’s located in a small town called Pemberton.

Lee said they recently purchased a large piece of land and plans to grow vegetables and strawberries.

He said the farmers have been able to provide him with a nice harvest.

But after the crop did not produce as expected, Lee said he decided to sell the store.

“We’re trying to get some money in the bank and to get the business going and get the new plant started,” he said.

“It’s a great idea and it’s a beautiful business,” said owner and farmer Brandon Lee.

“If we didn’t have the crop, we’d have to close it down and go buy a new farm, which would be a huge hassle,” he added.

The state of Oregon is trying to make up for lost sales by giving farmers the right to sell their produce on the market, including in grocery stores.

But Lee said they will have to do that under a new law that allows farmers to sell produce directly from their fields without needing a grocery store to deliver the produce.

“This is a great way to help farmers, and it will be a great thing for the economy,” he told ABC News.

The farm store was selling produce and selling the vegetables from the farmer’s property, but he said it is not an option for him.

“I don’t want to do anything to hurt our economy.

I just don’t think we’re a great place to sell these products,” he explained.”

In this day and age, a lot of people are looking for things that are cheaper than what you’re paying to buy them.

So I think that would be something that would have a very negative effect on us,” he continued.

The blueberry harvest is expected to continue, but Lee said there will be no new sales on the farm.

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