When ‘freshfield’ is no longer ‘fresh’: The rise of ‘bates’

The world’s first commercial berry farm has opened in California, opening up freshfields to a new generation of farmers.

Freshfields are an old concept that is still alive and well in the world of berries, and are increasingly popular among consumers.

The ‘Bates’ farm is located at the heart of the San Fernando Valley, a sprawling farming area in the middle of California.

The area has been home to the farm for more than 30 years, but the first farm there was set up by local berry farmers in the 1960s.

A new crop of berry trees is planted to replace those that are lost to the fields during the winter months.

The berry growers, who include two former members of the Grateful Dead, are trying to revitalise the industry.

They are hoping to grow an extra harvest this year, and also sell their own fruit.

“It’s very exciting.

It’s a great time to be a farmer in the San Francisco Bay Area,” said Bob Bates, who owns the farm with his wife, Maggie.”

I think that this farm has an opportunity to help bring fresh berries back to a local area, and give them a boost in quality.

The new berry crop has been in the market for almost 20 years, and we really want to get it out there.”

Maggie Bates, a former member of the Dead, and Bob Bates.

Photo: Michael ChowFor Maggie Bates, freshfields are something she has been dreaming about for decades.

She said the berries were a staple in her family’s garden for generations.

“They were in the back of the grocery bags for years,” she said.

“But the berries that we got in the garden when we were growing up were not very fresh, and they didn’t look good on the fruit.”

Now, with the berry industry flourishing in the region, fresh farms are starting to open up in other parts of California, including in Northern California.

“The new borings, they’re really good quality, and so that’s what we’ve started to look at,” Bates said.

“We’re hoping to start exporting some of the berries, but we’re also looking at importing some of our own berries to the US.”

The new freshfield farm is one of a number of new farm businesses being set up in the Bay Area, with many growing fresh berries themselves.

In 2015, California’s Department of Public Health started to approve commercial borages, which include dried berries and other fruit that have been ground and packed with enzymes.

The first farm was set to open in San Mateo County in October, but after a public outcry, the farm was pushed back to early November.

Now, the Batess are hoping for more support.

“We want to be able to import our own, and our family’s berries to help support our new farm, but it’s important to have a local farm that has a long history,” Maggie Bates said, adding that they plan to start selling the berries in their own gardens as well.

“At the same time, it’s very important that the community support it.

We want to sell the berries to local families and people who are interested in fresh strawberries.”

The Batess hope that by selling the fruit to their own garden, they can help make fresh strawberries more affordable for consumers.

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