The Best Apple Farms You Can Eat in 2018

When I visited a farm in rural Minnesota last year, it was hard not to think of the apple.

The farm, in the town of Green Bay, is home to the largest apple breeding operation in the world.

This year’s harvest is the largest in history, and the farmers are celebrating the milestone with a farm show.

The Apple Family Farm, or the Apple Family, produces more apples per acre than any other farm in the United States.

According to the USDA, apples have been planted on almost 1.5 million acres in the state.

“The apple is the lifeblood of the American economy, the symbol of family and pride and we celebrate with the farm show,” said Jennifer M. MacKenzie, a member of the Apple Farm’s board of directors.

This is the fifth annual Apple Family Harvest, and MacKlenzes family has been breeding apple since she was a young child.

The family started growing apples at the age of four, and they’re still the only family farm in Minnesota with a permanent apple production.

MacKS, as she’s known to her friends, says she and her husband, Mike, have been breeding apples for generations.

She says they have always wanted to grow apples and produce apples, but it was only when they started growing more and more apples that they knew they wanted to start a farm.

“I don’t know how I ever dreamed we would be here,” MacKennes said.

“But we just started.

It’s really nice to be able to share that with our neighbors and the people that love apple.”

In a typical apple season, the family gets about 1,000 apples a day from a few dozen farmers who grow about 70,000 to 80,000 trees per acre.

This means the apples they’re picking and plucking from the trees are being sent to farmers all over the country.

Macks father, Mike MacKinnes, said he’s been involved in apple farming for nearly 30 years, and he says the experience has changed his life.

“It’s a dream come true,” he said.

Mike MacKinnees said he grew up in a farming family.

“Growing up, there were so many of us growing apples.

And it’s not easy to grow apple.

There are a lot of things to worry about, but you’re not worrying about them all the time.”

The apple is one of the most prized crops in the country, and this is the first time the family has had the chance to plant their own trees.

MacKinnes family is just one of many apple growers in Minnesota.

The other major apple growing operation is in the village of Mankato, where a growing number of apple farmers have started up their own farms.

There, apples are grown for the first and only time.

In Mankatos case, it’s the family’s third apple breeding farm in five years.

MacKenys father, Chuck, and his wife, Debbie, are farmers in Mankota.

Chuck said apple farming in Minnesota is “one of the biggest things” in the family.

The MacKenzys said their first apple farm was just a handful of acres.

“When I first started, we just planted about 40 apples, and then it grew up to 100.

We started with a small amount, and it grew and grew,” Chuck said.

Chuck and Debbie MacKinnones are the first to admit they were initially hesitant about apple breeding.

Chuck MacKenys said the initial apple breeding was not easy.

“You’ve got a little boy who’s 10 years old, and you want to give him a big apple.

And he’s got no idea how to handle a big tree,” he explained.

“Then when we did it, we were a little bit nervous.”

But Chuck and his family have grown to love the apple as their family’s pride.

Chuck believes apple breeding is a passion of his.

“Our family is very much a apple family,” he added.

“We are very, very proud of it.”

Apple farming in Wisconsin was a bit more complicated.

MacKnights father, Joe, said apple farmers in Wisconsin can only grow about 60 to 80 acres of apple.

“So it’s really hard to grow 100 acres of apples,” he told Wired.

Joe MacKendrys farm is one large apple farm, and Joe has been growing apples for the past five years, growing about 200 acres of trees per year.

Joe says he and his husband, Todd, have a deep love for apple, and growing more trees has been one of their favorite hobbies.

“As far as apple farming, the apple is our pride,” he admitted.

Joe said he and Todd are the main reason they are farming the apple this year.

“They’ve always been farmers,” Joe said.

Joe and Todd MacKenderys first apple breeding crop was in 2013, and after that they were able to grow more apples.

Joe told Wired that his parents, Joe and Ann, were

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