How to stop people from selling your home online

AUSTIN, Texas — A Texas homeowner who has been charged with selling his home for $4.6 million to a real estate agent on the Internet says the deal was a mistake.

The homeowner says the agent didn’t even know about his new home being listed on the web.

“I thought I had put everything together, that the real estate was a legitimate deal,” the homeowner said in a statement.

He added that the agent offered him a home in Austin but then told him that the listing was bogus.

He said he told the agent that his home was already sold, but he said the agent said he could take the listing.

The real estate broker also said he didn’t know about the listing until it was posted on the Texas Registry of Deeds website.

The Texas Real Estate Commission said it had no record of the transaction and it could not provide information about the sale.

In the statement, the agency said that the homeowner should have done more to get the listing removed.

“We are working with the realtor and his agent to resolve this situation,” the agency statement said.

The Real Estate Broker said he doesn’t know how many people are affected by the fraudulent listing.

“When you buy a home, you put it on the Registry,” the broker said.

“You don’t just go out and put it up for sale.

That doesn’t mean you’re a fraud.

I think this one was an honest mistake.

I didn’t do anything wrong.”

The homeowner said he had sold his home in 2012.

He had paid about $1,000 for the property, and the agent paid $1.3 million.

The agent said it was a “good deal.”

“He was very nice, really nice,” the agent told ABC News.

The realtor said he and the realty company both told the homeowner to return the property. “

So, he went to his agents and said I didn`t do it, and that was it.”

The realtor said he and the realty company both told the homeowner to return the property.

“There is nothing in our records that shows he had a right to do that,” the realtors agent told CBS affiliate KXAN.

“It’s the wrong time to have that done.”

The Texas Registry has since taken the listing down, and ABC News is still awaiting confirmation from the real-estate agency that the buyer has paid the $4 million.

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