How to get a free bee-killing weedkiller for your garden

Beekeeping is a relatively new hobby, with the advent of pesticides and fertilizers that have caused a drop in honeybees.

Beekeepers have been trying to keep up with this, and now that the insects have adapted to the new poisons, many have developed a way to remove them.

Beekeeper Dave Jones has been experimenting with this new weedkiller, called Butterscotch, which was designed to kill the insect pests that have overrun his farm.

“We had to start from scratch,” he told The Local.

“This was a completely new process.

It was a whole new level of innovation.”

The beekeeper is hoping to raise enough money to buy a second shipment of the product, which is also being sold online for a hefty price of $1,000 per unit.

Beekeeping has become a lucrative industry for farmers across Australia, with many beekeepers now being able to produce as much as 200kg of honey a year.

The honey is eaten by birds, bees and other pollinators, who then produce pollen for the plants that produce the honey.

Butterscotches effectiveness against these pests is the same as that of glyphosate, which has been used to kill many other insects and weeds in Australia.

The beekeeper also found that Butterscott was more effective against the bees that he was trying to control.

“If we can remove the pesticides from the plant, it helps control the bees,” he said.

Jones says he has now been able to reduce the number of bees that are in his backyard and is looking forward to seeing what happens when the product is available to buy.

He said he is working with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to see if the product should be included in its new anti-dumping duty system.

Jones said the beekeepers product was designed with the benefit of the bee in mind, and was not meant to kill all the insects in his yard.

“I’m not a huge fan of spraying a huge amount of pesticides on a single plant,” he explained.

“But I’m happy to have that option.”

Jones said he was still waiting to see how the product would perform against the honeybees that were invading his backyard, and that he had been using the product for two years.

“It’s a bit more than we would have done without,” he added.

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