How a rural hunter discovered the ‘frightening’ reality of hunting

A rural hunter has taken to social media to tell the story of how he found himself trapped in a deadly trap.

The man, who only wanted to be known as Mark, was hunting in the US state of Minnesota in March last year.

After the hunter shot a deer and killed the animal’s male, Mark came across a trail of blood on the ground, which had turned into a trap.

He immediately went to investigate and found the deer’s body.

Mark, who is originally from Australia, was shocked to discover that he had killed a man and the body had turned up in the middle of the trail.

“I was shocked, but I knew it wasn’t anything unusual,” he told ABC News.

“The trail I saw was in a wooded area where the trail ended, and there was a sign saying ‘No dogs or cats allowed’ and the trail started to run.”

Mark decided to go back to the spot where he killed the deer to check if he could find a trail to get back to.

But he realised he was still stuck.

“When I went back to find the trail, I saw a tree and I could see a sign that said ‘No Dogs or Cats allowed’,” he said.

Mark’s search for a way out of the trap proved to be fruitless.

“It’s a very, very, old trap,” he said, “and it’s one that I’ve hunted for quite a while.”

Mark was able to call 911, but was left stranded in the forest.

“There were no people around,” he explained.

“And I thought I’d been trapped for quite some time, and I had to call police to try to get me out of there.”

A manhunt was called for hours, but Mark eventually managed to call the police, who finally found the dead deer.

Mark said he would now continue to hunt until he could return to his family.

“You never know what you might find in a trap,” Mark said.

“Hopefully I’ll find it in time for the wedding next year, but the hunt is over now.”


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