How to save $3.3 billion on food waste, according to new report

MILLENNIUM, Alabama — Millennials, it’s not just about the grocery store.

It’s about the way they eat, too.

We’re talking about a generation of Americans who are spending as much time online as they do at home.

And while most millennials are spending their money on the Internet and social media, they’re also spending more money on grocery purchases and food in general.

Millennial shoppers spent more than $3 billion online last year, according a study by Nielsen.

More than 40% of millennials said they used social media in 2015, according the study, which surveyed 2,000 Americans.

And those millennials spend about $3,000 more per year on groceries and food than older generations.

The study, titled “Internet Shopping, Shopping, and the Millennial Consumer,” found that millennials are more likely to shop online than other generations.

Millennials also are spending more time at home than previous generations.

They spent an average of 4.5 hours per day on their smartphones and tablets, compared to 3.8 hours for their parents.

They’re also more likely than other millennials to use a mobile device at home, with more than half of millennials saying they use their smartphones or tablets as a home entertainment device.

While millennials are increasingly shopping online, they aren’t shopping the way their parents did.

In fact, millennials are using mobile devices for less shopping than other demographics.

They spend about one-third of their time on smartphones or tablet, according that study.

This trend has been going on for years, according Mark Schoepfer, a professor of marketing at University of Iowa.

“When you look at the consumer behavior in the past, they did buy a lot of things online,” he said.

But there are some key differences.

Millennials have been spending more on groceries in recent years, but they are spending the same amount on food as their parents were.

They also aren’t buying as much as their generation was in the 1970s and ’80s, when they started shopping for food online.

There are some big differences between the Millennian and older generations, however.

Millennials are spending far more on food than their parents and grandparents, and they are shopping on their phones a lot more.

This has led to food price inflation, which has accelerated for consumers.

Consumers are also spending much more on other consumer goods, like televisions and appliances.

In a study released last year by the Nielsen Co. that compared how the millennial generation and older Americans spend on food, the millennial group spent $1,800 more on grocery shopping in 2015 compared to their parents’ generation.

As millennials continue to live in a digital era, they are looking for alternatives to traditional stores, Schoepsfer said.

They are looking to restaurants and shopping online instead.

Some Millennials also believe their generation is more responsible for food and the environment.

They are more concerned about global warming and the rising cost of food.

And in some cases, they have taken steps to limit their environmental footprint.

For example, many millennials are making environmentally conscious decisions to reduce their own energy consumption, Schoppert said.

But there is a big divide between how millennials think about environmentalism and how they think about the environmental footprint of food, he said, citing studies from Nielsen.

They have a more “clean” image of food and a “cleaner” one of the environment, but both are connected to each other, Schopfer said, which is why they want to be better stewards of our planet.

Other data shows millennials are also more accepting of animal products and farm to table farming, according.

When it comes to how they eat out, millennials tend to go with more meat and dairy, according Nielsen.

This trend is not just a trend among millennials, according of a recent survey by the Consumer Reports.

A quarter of millennials surveyed said they would eat out at restaurants, and a third said they could eat at a restaurant, restaurant or bar.

We want to eat healthier, not more junk food.

We want to go out and eat food that we enjoy, Schobler said.

He added that he doesn’t believe this generation will change anything for the better.

Many Millennials are also looking to take care of the planet, Schoopers said.

For example, the millennials are saving a lot on their energy use, according with Nielsen.

And the millennial consumers have been doing this for a long time, so it’s a natural progression.

And it’s also the generation to begin thinking about the”

It’s the movement that will be responsible for taking our food to the market, and also our food waste from landfills to landfill.”

And it’s also the generation to begin thinking about the

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