Dairy farm book: Farm equipment and other farm equipment

Dairy farms produce more milk per cow than all the other agricultural groups combined.But, according to a new book by a Michigan veterinarian and dairy industry expert, some farmers are losing the farm equipment that goes into making that milk.The book, Great Country Farms, by Dr. James T. Johnson, author of Animal Farm, examines theRead More

What is a southern bell farm?

Farm Fresh is a weekly feature on farm fresh, providing a behind-the-scenes look at one of America’s largest and most beloved farm fresh operations.With weekly videos, articles, podcasts and more, farm fresh continues to be a vital source of food and agricultural news.In this edition of Farm Fresh, we’re revisiting a Southern Belle farm.A SouthernRead More

Duke Farms in California says spider farms are no more

Duke Farms announced Wednesday that it will no longer be selling spider eggs and will be “disclosing more information about our spider farm operations.”The decision follows a public outcry over a video posted on YouTube last month showing an egg farm in Southern California where spiders were sold to customers.Duke Farms spokesperson Michelle Gagnon confirmedRead More

Why we need an iPhone for fleet farms

By Andrew W. Kelly / Time Inc.Read moreApple has been working on a fleet farm application for iOS, and now it has announced that it has signed an agreement with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to provide an API to the project.The agreement with NSLE has two important points: first, it makes it easier forRead More

How Mendocino County grows the world’s largest cucumber farm

The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) is the largest producer of the cucumber, which is now grown in over 100 countries around the world.The farm is located in Mendocinos San Jose, California.The Mendocinians produce more than 100 million pounds of cucumbers each year, with more than half of those coming from California.The companyRead More

How to get to the next game on your phone

Farming is a tough business, but with mobile devices like the Apple Watch, you can take your phone out for a spin without leaving your farm.Here’s how.The Wall Street Times has a roundup of some of the best Apple Watch apps for farmers.In the meantime, we’re taking a look at what’s new in iOS 10.1,Read More

The Best Apple Farms You Can Eat in 2018

When I visited a farm in rural Minnesota last year, it was hard not to think of the apple.The farm, in the town of Green Bay, is home to the largest apple breeding operation in the world.This year’s harvest is the largest in history, and the farmers are celebrating the milestone with a farm show.TheRead More

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