Why the dairy industry is going green with new technology

In a world of green energy and renewables, the dairy business may not be the most environmentally friendly option.article Demarest Farms, a dairy and meat processing facility in southern Alberta, has made headlines for its innovative approach to environmental sustainability.With its new technology, the facility has converted the facility into an organic, regenerative dairy.The facility’sRead More

How to build an alien ant farm

By Andrew A. Biersack, The Next Week article Farm gate design is the most common and often overlooked part of farm gate construction.The gates themselves are simple, inexpensive, and require minimal effort to install.The design of the gate itself is very simple: A single gate with a fence around it.The gate itself can be placedRead More

How to get your family to buy organic in California

Farm store chain Califias Farm Store is partnering with a California-based organic food retailer, Boca Foods, to make sure that every family in the Bay Area is buying organic food.The company is hoping that by offering a wider range of products, like produce, meat, milk, eggs, and honey, it will help the region get moreRead More

When: 7-9 April, 2019, 7:00-10:00am (Local)

When: 6-10 April, 2020, 10:00 am-1:00pm (Local), 10:30am-1.30pm (Aus) article What to expect: A day of fishing, snorkelling and a bit of fishing.The boats will be out on the river from 7:30 am and will be heading towards Port Pirie in WA’s north.There will be plenty of fish for the kids to catch, but it’sRead More

How to avoid the latest McDonald’s farm fiasco

A couple of years ago, a McDonald’s factory in South Australia produced a “farm to fork” chicken.It was so bad that a chicken farm in nearby Adelaide was shut down, and the company was forced to pull its chicken off the market.Now, a new McDonald’s chicken farm is due to open on the same siteRead More

New Zealand farmer says he is ‘thrilled’ to be out of a job

Farmers in the south-west of New Zealand are “thrashed” after a new report found their farms are at risk of being lost to drought.The National Farmers Union (NFU) has released its annual farming report for 2018 which found the average farm had an average of 7,500 head of cattle.The report found it was a “dangerous”Read More

How to stop cattle-free slaughtering in Ontario

A recent survey by a consumer advocacy group found that more than two-thirds of Ontario households have no cattle on their property, even though most of the province’s cattle herd is in farms.“The problem is that you’re seeing this massive growth in the cattle population,” said John Thompson, director of the Beef Industry Action Network.“We’reRead More

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